Although The Death Penalty Is As Ancient As Civilization,

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Although the death penalty is as ancient as civilization, it has proven throughout the years that it serves no purpose under a democratic system. Civilization began as a cruel and unusual system that ascended through barbaric drudgery; however, as our nation is established on basic principles of human rights and human dignity, maintaining the death penalty in the United States appears to be a dissonance to the Constitutional amendment which states that cruel and unusual punishment shall not be required. This nation, the so-called land of the free and the home of the brave, nevertheless, continues a legislation that is pursued by undemocratic authoritarian states, while lagging behind the most developed nations in the judicial progress. An…show more content…
It is the same image of a poor patient needing a surgery, but the doctor has not operated since medical school and his/her assistance are neither qualified nor have the experience to do so. It is most likely that the patient’s chance of survival is slim to none. This subjection to injustice occur “for every 7 executions - 486 since 1976 - 1 other prisoner on death row has been found innocent” (Jones). Under the current state of this institution, “hundreds, perhaps thousands, of indigent defendants will be represented by lawyers inexperienced in criminal law. Even if convicted, those convictions are subject to reversal due to inadequate lawyering” (“Can we afford the death penalty?”). Keep in mind that the States pay for these public defendants and that the taxpayer money are indulged in this unjust institution. The money spent on the death penalty could be used to hire and train more policemen in order to maintain peace among neighborhoods. Despite its excessive cost, the death penalty, based on statistics, does not deter criminals. Some may argue that the death penalty deter criminals since they are likely to choose life over death. Based on Dr. William Schmitz point of view, “the death penalty should be kept and not dragged out of 20 years, and the insanity defense should be thrown out” (“In defense of death…”). While the insanity plea is an easy escape for criminals, the death
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