Alyss Character Analysis

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In the beginning of the novel, princess Alyss is characterized as impatient, fatuous, and thankful for Dodge. “He’s late” Alyss said “He promised he’d be here. I don’t understand why he had to make a trip so close to my birthday.” (Beddor 13). Alyss is impatient because she is saying that she only cares about herself and her birthday. She also is being impatient because Dodge is on a trip close to the castle and she is saying that Dodge is taking a long time to get back to the castle. “She would rather have hidden with her friend Dodge in one of the palace towers, dropping jolly jellies from an open window and watching them spalt on the guards below.” (Beddor 11) Instead of Alyss watching all the Wonderlanders celebrate her seventh birthday,
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