Alzheimer's Biological Perspective

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I thoroughly believe in the cognitive perspective in psychology, but when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, I find that it best fits with the biological perspective. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that causes an irreversible degeneration to the memory, motor skills, language, and the ability to remember how to carry out daily tasks. It is a debilitating disease that can truly cause heartache for families involved with the care of affected loved one. It is disheartening to watch a person slowly lose memory of the people around them, of familiar places, their past, who they are, and how to do simple everyday chores. I find Alzheimer’s disease supports the biological perspective because they are many links showing that brain abnormalities, genetics, and an unhealthy lifestyle can aid to the cause of this disease.
Despite all the supporting evidence of the biological perspective, I also believe in the cognitive psychological perspective. My opinion has been influenced by my personal experience with bipolar disorder. It is a mental disease where unsubstantiated thoughts provoke irrational and often destructive behavior. Thoughts and emotions occur with or without a trigger …show more content…

APOE-e4 is the most common gene found in Alzheimer’s patients (“Alzheimer's & Dementia Risk Factors,” 2016). 20-25% of patients are found with this mutation (“Alzheimer's & Dementia Risk Factors,” 2016). This mutation can be passed down to offspring, which is why Alzheimer’s disease is shown to run in families. Scientists and geneticists advise those with a family history of progressive dementia to seek a geneticist to conduct tests to see if you carry the APOE-e4 gene in order to better prepare for your future. If my grandmother sought out treatments or created plans before her symptoms became profound and detrimental to her health, it would have been easier to understand and help her to live the rest of her life according her

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