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Incredible Historical Knowledge and Facts
The Greco Roman World is the period the Greeks and Roman lived in. Back in the Greco Roman World there was plenty of interesting facts to learn about them. Including the way they lived life. The economic system, shelter, and weapons they had created. The Greek and Romans were extremely creative and artistic. The Greeks made an enormous jump. It was the rebirth of Ancient learning, the Renaissance, which provided the base of today’s science and technology. It was the rediscovery of Hellenic thought, from Aquinas to the Humanists, which recovered and changed our civilization. The Greeks had demoted fantasy, escaped from arrogance, and were never tempted by blind faith. They wanted reasons; they …show more content…

It was not really a democracy, but that took 500 years and during that time, Romans continually modified their practices to handle the stresses they were under. Finally, 30 years before the Greeks began getting noticed vis-a-vis conflict with the Persians. Roman democracy was much stronger in that when the wealthy and powerful grown too much power to let the general population lead decent lives. The system was adjusted to remove the excess power. Roman citizenship was slowly extended to all of Italy. Greek democracy is really the enormously more limited thing that nomadic peoples enjoy and practice. If you had something to say then you’re able to speak out loud. In the end, the Romans failed too and democracy (the Republic) flamed out and burned into justifiably average empire hood for government. But for a very long time (more than 400 years more), the rights and privileges of most people (still not the slaves or women or children...) were maintained. In ancient Rome the domus was the type of house unavailable by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras. It comes from the Ancient Greek word domi meaning structure since it was the standard type of housing in Ancient Greece. It could be found in almost all the major cities throughout the Roman territories. The modern English word domestic comes from Latin domesticus, which is resultant from the word domus. The top classes of Roman society created their homes with

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