Amelia Earhart Contributions

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Over 100 years ago, when humanity looked for new places to conquer, two men looked to the skies. Wilbur and Orville Wright built the first working motor airplane, and after that day, the world took a huge interest in aviation, causing many leading pioneers and innovators in the aerospace field to emerge, revolutionizing the way we look at the skies. Amelia Earhart was one of the first pilots to revolutionize the skies, and what made her particularly iconic was the fact that she was one of the first woman to fly. She discovered her love for flight after watching the Royal Flying Corps train in Toronto, Canada whilst she served as a Red Cross nurse in WWI. She then had her first airplane ride in December 1920 in California with WWI pilot Frank Hawks. After this confirmation of her love for aviation, she began lessons with instructor Neta Snook, another early woman pilot. Amelia did all she could (taking odd jobs) in order to pay for her lessons and then her first airplane: a Kinner Airster. She passed her flight test and got her license in December 1921, and afterwards she set out to define herself as a pioneer in the field of aviation, becoming the first woman to fly solo 14,000 feet above sea level. Her biggest accomplishment was flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean, as she was the first woman to do so. She continued to fly for many years, but then on a flight outside of the United States, both she and her plane were lost near the Bermuda Triangle, and no wreckage was
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