America Is Not The Greatest Country

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America is not the Greatest Country is the first episode of HBO’s new television series The Newsroom. A news anchor, Will McAvoy, is seated between a strong liberalist, Susan, and a conservative, Lewis, on a journalism panel. When asked to describe why America is the greatest country from a student in the audience the anchor envisions someone in the audience using cue cards telling him, “It isn’t.” This persuades him to give his true opinion, and the anchor continues with a speech about why he feels this way. Will McAvoy uses bipartisan journalism to give the audience the impression that his approach on the subject is unbiased to distract them from his anti-American argument. The film begins with a rant between the characters on stage with little relation to the topic of the film. It does provide a better understanding to the viewer that these characters are going to disagree on the topic that follows. This diatribe between characters also reveals their political stance, which is very important when understanding the upcoming criticism. After the opening rant is completed the audience should be informed that on stage there is a liberalist, conservative, moderator, and a news anchor, Will McAvoy. Additionally, the setting also contributes to a better understanding as to why America is not the greatest country in the world. Given the title of the series that this episode belongs to is “The Newsroom”, one can assume that its purpose is to inform the audience on a topic. The

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