America Must Create Jobs Essay

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Those living in the United States of America are experiencing some economically dark times. Unemployment is becoming increasingly worse. Social programs are failing. Prices everywhere are on the rise as wages are declining drastically. Class division has never been more distinct. Of those lucky enough to have secured the multiple jobs needed in order to maintain their subsistent existences, most make only a minimum wage, established by their state’s laws, which is then harshly taxed upon. Life is hard enough in our dying superpower of a nation, but even worse for the work force of America that must survive on minimum wage. It is an offending disappointment that our fellow countrymen and women must live the way they do. This raises a …show more content…
Because payroll- and income-tax revenues would rise, the federal deficit would come down. Social Security worries would fade.” (James Galbraith.) In this manner, raising the minimum wage is a family friendly position, and families are the backbone of this nation.

There are also those who argue that the serious economic recovery we desperately need cannot occur until money is in the hands of the people. With more money to be made, the common, working people shall have the spending power necessary to pump life into the U.S. economy. Although there is plenty of wealth in America, for those who possess it, it is their tendency to hoard their wealth, or otherwise invest it. This stops the flow of money in the U.S. economy and further complicates the financial state of the nation. Just a few dollars more hourly could make dramatic improvements in the lives of the working poor. Every little bit helps to counter debt, inflation, and economic stagnation. It could be the move that brings an end to the recession.
Raising the minimum wage could help to protect workers from exploitation. It is a sad reality that employers take advantage of their workers and it is very commonplace to do so. Undercutting regulations, and human rights themselves, many use undocumented labor and otherwise shady business practice to get ahead. Not much is done to remedy this problem. A worker cannot easily escape this situation either. There are not many jobs, so each chance is
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