America Needs Moral Leadership to Bring Justice to an Unjust World

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America Needs Moral Leadership to Bring Justice to an Unjust World

Injustice is unavoidable and all over the world, justice is violated. Almost everywhere people are persecuted in their own countries, the innocent are sent to jail, and people are victims of violent crimes. These acts of injustice affect the global community and inhibit the spread of equality and righteousness. In “The Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King says that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere . . . Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly” (143). Everyone wants to be treated fairly but there are places in the world where atrocities take place which impact the entire world, such as the persecution of Tibetans in …show more content…

Although China still has not yet given Tibet its freedom, the country of Nepal has offered refuge to monks, artists, and other Tibetans. Despite being away from their homeland, these people will be able to preserve their culture and with a leader like the Dalai Lama, perhaps one day Tibet will be free again.

Next, America has become a symbol of freedom and equality to the entire world. Throughout its short history, the US had many great moral leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. Probably the most recognized moral leader was Martin Luther King. He strove to bring justice towards the African American community by rallying together thousands of people and peacefully protesting the common injustices that made their lives miserable. He also spoke against the hypocrisy of the church for not treating everyone equally. He stated that “The church is a weak, ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound” (153). Martin Luther King inspired many Blacks not to accept injustice and he inspired many whites to reform. According to Martin Luther King, “All segregation statutes are unjust because segregation distorts the soul and damages the personality” (143). Under his leadership, the African American people had the strength to fight segregation. Even though he was killed, he left a powerful impression on American society and a few years later, African Americans

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