America Needs the Space Program

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It’s in everyday life, it is seen every day and where it comes from is not appreciated the way it should. Most of the technology that is in the world today is possible because of the space program. Computers used to take up a whole room just for one, but NASA saw that they could not take a computer the size of a room into space, so they invented the laptop, something that probably would not have been invented without NASA. After this people looked at NASA's ideas and made them better. This is how any technology is evolved, someone has to create a raw idea and then other people will just keep improving it. Because the space program has influenced our society so much it has proven time and time again why America needs the space program. After WWII, the US and Soviet Union started to develop a new kind of missile program, not for aiming them at other countries, but aiming them at space, this period of time was known as the Space Race ( A Brief History of Space Exploration).America was launched into space because JFK knew the that America needed to restore its confidence and that America would not only meet with the soviets, but surpass them, and from that he made the goal of landing a man on the moon within the decade (Space Program). There were three main scientists from three different countries who started to design rocket engines for space travel. Those scientists were: Konstantin Tsiolkovsk from Russia, Robert Goddard from the US, and Hermann Oberth from Germany ( A
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