America, The Land of Broken Dreams: The Controversial DREAM Act

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These fundamental concepts have influenced amalgams of immigrants from across the world to travel to America in the hopes and search for a better life away from the hardships faced in their homeland. With the fusion of different cultures and ideas, immigrants have helped give birth to a powerful, unified global nation that inspires others to fight for their dreams and aspirations. The immigration reform is one of those dreams that undocumented Americans are fighting for today. One particular dream within the immigration reform movement is the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, in other words, the DREAM Act. This is the Act that undocumented students across the United States dream of turning into a reality, but so far that dream is nothing but a blur. The passage of the DREAM Act will help strengthen the US economy in the future, and provide undocumented students the opportunity to pursue their definition of the American dream by continuing their education and careers after high school.
Over the years, the DREAM Act has placed a suspenseful toll in the lives of undocumented high school immigrants across the United States. Each year, approximately 65,000 students from high schools, many whom are at the top of their class, are unable to go to college, join the military, work or pursue their dreams because of their illegal status (The DREAM Act). These young…

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