American Culture And Animals Essay

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For countless years, animals and humans have always competed for survival on this earth; however, in doing so, the coexistence has created a symbiotic relationship. Because animals were utilized for their meat, skin, fiber, and bones, humans also included animals in their culture, religion, and stories. As long as humans and animals coexist, then so will animals in art. As domesticated animals arose, such as dogs and cats, humans began to view animals not only as a resource or subject of a story, but as companions. Throughout the years, this dependency upon animals for survival and companionship bled into the culture of humans. Thus, whether it is for tools, clothing, religion, or entertainment, animals will always be in art. Initially, animals were used for food, clothing, and tools, and because these fellow creatures were such a dire piece to human survival, they found their way into human culture through art and stories. For example, the Native Americans relied on the buffalo for everything including food, shelter, clothing, tools, and firewood. In fact, the Native Americans even followed massive herds of buffalo as they migrated across the lands. Since animals were important resources for food and materials, humans quickly incorporated them into …show more content…

According to Clint O’Connor, journalist for the Akron Beacon Journal and author of “Top 5 Movie Dogs with a Purpose,” one of the most popular and earliest movie stars was Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd who spent most of his time saving humans in distress. After Rin Tin Tin made his big debute, it created a domino effect of animals being the stars of film. Approximately ten years later Lassie, a loyal Collie determined to find her family, prompted years of remakes. Since humans have always been intrigued by animals, it only makes sense to include them in one of America’s favorite forms of art and

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