American Desecration or Legal Articulation?

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According to Landmark cases of the U.S Supreme Court, in 1984 a gentleman by the name of Gregory Lee Johnson was charged with desecrating a greatly respected object (the American Flag). His Sentence consisted of one year in prison and a $2,000 fine. Johnson was not happy with this ruling and appealed his case with two further Texas courts. Johnson’s second appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is the highest court in Texas that hears criminal cases, overturned his conviction, saying that the State, consistent with the First Amendment, could not punish Johnson for burning the flag in these circumstances ( . Cornell University Law School defines the First Amendment as follows: The First Amendment of the United States Constitution is important for the common good so that all American citizens are able to express him/her in a way that he/she each sees fit and upholds the integrity of each person’s individual personality and individuality. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals decision in Johnson’s favor benefits the interests of all by protecting the first amendment right. In the case of Texas V. Johnson, I rule in favor of Johnson for the following reasons: Freedom of speech, protecting individual rights from government interference, and protecting individual rights from state interference. The first reason I rule in favor of Johnson in this case is because of the First Amendment to
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