American Dream In Huck Finn

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Being rich, happy, or living a fulfilling life are a few ideal American Dreams that people possess, and due to humans each having their own ideas and hopes, there is no simple answer as to what the American dream is. Either way, the American dream differentiates from person to person, and receiving it is rare to impossible. However, this common knowledge never stopped several of the characters in the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain. Three particular characters in the novel all had their American dream come true. With this in mind, the characters Jim, Tom, and Miss Sophia in the novel The adventures of Huckleberry Finn, all had three different american dreams, in which they miraculously achieved. For Jim, his American dream was quite obvious, and many other people of the same race also had the same American dream as he did. This was of course to gain freedom. In the book, he was owned by Miss Watson, but he soon ran away when he overheard a conversation that he may be sold somewhere else down south. As a result, he ran off, yet he still wasn't free in the eyes of the law. Due to the fact that there was a warrant for his arrest, and he couldn't live regularly. Later on in the novel his american dream seemed far from coming true when his former raft adventurer sold him out, and he was sent to jail. While in jail, Jim had a glimmer of hope when Huck, and Tom Sawyer showed up at his jail living space to attempt to break him out. After several

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