American Imperialism And Expansion Of America

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American Imperialism and Expansion What is American Imperialism? It is the influences that the United States makes on other countries. Some of the influences are economics, military, and culture. Expansionism is conquering those countries and taking over the land. Without imperialism and expansionism, our county would not be as big and productive as it is in today 's society. In the nineteenth century, Many Americans saw western expansionism as the nation 's manifest destiny. It is a belief expansionism that was proved to be right. Americans represented the American landscape and how amazing it was. The West is a land known of promise and opportunity. Adventures arise when expanding markets come into play. In 1833 William F. Cody created a great entertainment that the Wild West was a popular culture (Textbook pg.400) How did the Federal policy with the Indians change over the years after the Civil war? The Indians that lived West of the Mississippi river felt like they had to become a part of America’s Nation. California became a state in 1850. Alaska was purchased in 1867. It was two times bigger than the state of Texas. This brought in many settlers to the territories and new states of America. Gold was found in California in 1848. The Continental Railroad was completed in 1869. The federal officials were focused on bringing in the Indians to America. The Indians learned many things such as riding horses, and being able to shoot guns. They were…
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