American Is A Man 's Country Is Not A Any Area Of Land

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“A man 's country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle,” George William. According to a 1998 definition an American is anyone who loves life enough to want the best that it has to offer, anyone who understands that to achieve the best in life requires action, exertion, and effort, anyone who understands the need to use one’s mind and wits to meet life’s challenges, anyone who understands that achieving the best in life requires risks (Hudgins, page 1). A more current definition of an American is a person born, raised, or living in North America or South America (merriam-webster, page 1 of 1). My definition varies a little from theirs though, in my …show more content…

If we don’t know people 's backgrounds,what they 've gone through, what they 've had to endure why judge them? It proves the point of we shouldn 't judge and yell “you aren 't an American” just because someone is for example, Scottish or Irish. “Everyone is a mixture of English, Scotch, Irish, Dutch, German, and Swedes, us “Americans” have risen from this promiscuous breed” (Crevecoeur, page 2). Our “breed” just didn 't pop up one day and go hey we 're going to call ourselves Americans. What Crevecoeur is trying to prove is that we are all descendants of a didn 't race, that we all came from a different “breed”. “His country is now that which gives him, land, bread, protection, and consequence”(Crevecoeur, page 3). Crevecoeur makes the point of a Catholic, a German Lutheran, a seceder, and a Low Dutchman all living by each other, Crevecoeur is trying to make the point that “each of these people instruct their children as well as they can but these instructions are freeable compared to those which are given to the youth of the poorest class in Europe” (Crevecoeur,page 4). Us Americans are free while kids are being ripped from their homes in other countries, people are being controlled under rulers, and people are being scrutinized because of their race, gender and hair color. “Many people often see the same subject in different lights” (Henry page 230). Patrick Henry is one with many words

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