American Public Schools Haven’T Changed As Much As We Think

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American public schools haven’t changed as much as we think they have since the twentieth century. We still have schools divided among different parts of the city, however, in recent times we are becoming less diverse. Schools are becoming segregated due to the fact that certain schools only accept students for certain regions and those regions of the city are not diverse, which leads some schools into looking the same way as they did before 1950. Up until the mid-nineteen-hundreds, segregation was the norm and “separate but equal” was what kept it alive. But, African-American students were not given equal treatment. It has been installed in humans especially in the past to see anyone different than us to be unequal. People were very …show more content…

But, many Americans would have their children go to school regardless if it was required or not. Education has become a path away from crime and into success. It is difficult to get a job that will support you and your family without going to college. People always try to educate each other, it has become a part of us to lend a helping hand rather than see each other struggle. Social standards have greatly changed all over America. In the past, women were expected to watch the kids and take care of the home. If they worked as teachers they couldn’t be married, but later standards had changed. Women then and now have had a great impact on our educational system. From Marie Montessori, who created Montessori kindergartens where children are able to strengthen their academic abilities and help them solve problems. The women in Massachusetts have also helped our school system by attending the first school for teachers. Educating teachers is very important, knowing the subjects is not enough you have to understand the students and the different strategies of teaching as well many other concepts. Today, our teachers are mostly women, but we still have plenty male teachers. They fulfill their jobs as teachers by educating our youth and helping them strive towards success. Many educational groups had formed in the early 1900’s. The American Federation of

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