American vs. Japanese Automobiles Essay

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Getting a car is an intricate process as there are so many factors to consider. Factors that can be daunting if proper research of the vehicle are not done. Everyone wants to make the most of what they pay for and wants to make sure that his or her car is of the best quality. There are a quite few makes of cars available with quality guaranteed but two of the major would be the American and Japanese made cars. Both are excellent car builders and provide good fuel efficiency vehicles that are cost efficient. However, there are some facts and details that can influence buyers to choose one make over the other, this includes: performance, reliability, and resale value.
Some American made cars are not built with the elegance of the Japanese
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Japanese cars have the incentive of having an accelerated performance system that gives their cars more power under the hood and therefore increases the speed. They tend to have a longer life span and repairing them is just as equal with the American made cars.

When it comes to reliability, for some reason, American cars are known for being unreliable. However, those who think that way probably live in the past. We know that American cars built 30-40 years ago, do not usually reach the 200k-mile mark, while the Japanese cars were hitting 250-300k. However, in this modern age, many of the American cars are reaching 200-250k miles easily. Also, most companies have lemons and recalls. Like, the 2006 Ford Fusion has a strut leaking problem and the 8th Gen Civic has a notorious tranny problem. Both American and Japanese cars have problems but some people still rely on Japanese cars. They believe that these cars are still reliable compared to the other one. That is the fact.

Resale values are determined by taking into consideration the equipment and options of a vehicle, the mileage, the condition, and the geographic area where the vehicle has been driven. It also pertains to what made and model of the vehicle is. Which is why many are aware that American cars compared to Japanese cars have less resale value. Both are somehow having the same features and specs however; Japanese cars tend to last longer because of its quality and how it is made.