America's Post-Civil War Growing Pains

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| America’s Post-Civil War Growing Pains | Assignment 1 | Michelle Lepri | Professor Lisa Hawkins | 7/20/2012 | There were two major turning points during this period were the Reconstruction and Industrialization. The civil wars ended in 1865 and with the end of the civil war bought Reconstruction to the south from 1865 to 1877. The physical rebuilding of the southern region began quickly and progressed rapidly, but reconstructing southern society was much more difficult process, especially considering the political question about how to integrate rebel states back into the nations and the social question about how to integrate 4 million newly freed slaves. (Shultz 2012) In 1863, Lincoln had issued his Ten-Percent Plan, which…show more content…
(Shultz, 2012) Living in the city was the most fashionable place to live during the middle of the 19th century. Merchants, Lawyers and manufacturers built substantial townhouses on the main though fares within walking distance of the docks, warehouses, offices, courts and shops where they worked. (Urbanization) There were many others that lived in tenement housing that was owned by your employer. The problem with these homes is that they didn’t have adequate plumbing, no indoor plumbing or water supply, most were shared pumps and wells in back alleys. (Shultz, 2012) This was how many disease spread because of so many people living in such a small amount of room. These factories were unsafe and the workdays so long and grueling, that many workers died each year. Between 1880 and 1900 an average of 35,000 workers died each year. (Shultz, 2012) The long standing problem in the United States from this era to present day is discrimination. Immigrants came from all over and were welcomed into the American way of life, but when the put into play Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which banned the immigration of Chinese labor for ten years. This was the first time in history that any person was denied access to the United States. During this time even know they freed the slaves white landowners still had always interacted to segregation. Black Codes was a law that was
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