America's Universal Healthcare Coverage

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ca is able to find a political will to provide universal healthcare coverage, the rest of the world can then show the way. This says to me that the United States must look within itself and make the moral determination as to whether healthcare should be considered a fundamental right granted to all its citizens as a theme of this book. Once addressed, the United States can join the other industrialized countries who have long since implemented universal healthcare systems such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Canada who have more cost effective systems which produce better health outcomes than the US.1 Setting the focus outwards and learning from both the success stories and the growing pains as would be beneficial in…show more content…
What seems to be the most consistent theme through this book is the authors approach in determining the advantages and disadvantages within each system, which in itself creates a basis for comparison for the US with each story relayed.6
Philosophy of the Book 's Author The philosophy relayed by the book’s author consistently leads back to the moral question that must be asked in the initial design of the healthcare system. That determination has to do as to whether the government has a duty to act when there are those within their own country do not have equitable access to hospitals and doctors for the treatment of their conditions.14 The most industrialized countries in the world have long since made the decision to provide universal healthcare coverage, yet the United States still lags behind in this department. What people of a country should expect and feel reassured of is that if and when they fall ill, they will receive the proper care necessary to get better without the worry of being denied care or face bankruptcy for doing receiving medical care.2 A country which does not make the moral determination to provide universal healthcare coverage to its people such as the United States puts it in
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