Essay about Amigo Brothers Mother's Point of View

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It was a nice and sunny day I was in my back yard when I saw my son Antonio jogging along the river with his best friend Felix. I am Antonio’s mother and I live on the lower east side of Manhattan in an apartment building. Felix also lives in the same building as me and Antonio. Ever since Antonio was little boy he wanted to be a lightweight boxing champion and so did Felix which is one reason why they are such good friends they even have four boxing medals. Every day they would train and run together but there was a boxing match that would be hard for both of them because the new boxing match they had competed in they were fighting each other. When Antonio came home he did not look very happy so I said “what is wrong” he replied “nothing …show more content…

Antonio and Felix talked to their trainers then the bell rang round two had started. Antonio had red marks on his ribs as he moved back to the corner Felix rushed in and threw a punch into Antonio’s head Antonio hit back hard and fast And Felix returned with a hard left to the head and a right to the body Felix danced around then slugged Antonio and Antonio threw a punch at Felix’s chin. It looked like his legs folded but he got back up and threw a powerful right Antonio then hit Felix’s eye causing to swell. They were destroying each other right, left, right, left. Then a punch from Felix on the chin made Antonio not able to move then Felix hit him over and over again then Antonio’s nose started to bleed. Antonio dropped but got back on his feet and slugged Felix hard making him fall flat on his back Felix got back up then the bell rang and round two was over. They were both hurt but the doctors said they could continue on with the fight Antonio rushed Felix into the net Antonio’s nose was dripping blood and Felix’s eye was closed. The bell sounded but they did not stop punching each other and the trainers and the referees pulled them apart and poured cold water on them. Then they both ran to each other I did not know what would happen next. The announcer said “Ladies and Gentlemen, Senores Senoras. The

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