Amy Lowell 's `` Madonna Of The Evening Flowers `` And `` A Lover ``

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Amy Lowell was a rebel, whos identity was to be different than others. Amy Lowell was interested in and influenced by the Imagists movement. Lowell earned a reputation for violating conservative standards by flaunting her obesity, swearing, smoking cigars, and having a same-sex lover. She wrote in traditional forms, as well as in free verse and polyphonic prose, often using several forms in a single poem. Amy Lowell’s work involved a combination of intertextuality, symbolism, and allusions.. I will analysis the following poems by Amy Lowell: “The Taxi” “Madonna of the evening flowers” “A decade” and “A lover”. Using these poems I will analyze her common themes, structure, and figurative imagery. Amy Lowell often Amy Lowell’s most common themes are love, helplessness, loneliness and sex. The theme of loneliness is apparent in her poem, “Madonna of the Evening Flowers.” When the narrator is distanced from her lover she feels alone and lost without the person. I call: “Where are you?” But there is only the oak-tree rustling in the wind. But the house is very quiet, The sun shines in on your books, On your scissors and thimble just put down, But you are not there. Suddenly I am lonely: Where are you? I go about searching. Then I see you, Lowell explores the theme of helplessness for love in “The Taxi.” Summed up by this quote “Why should I leave you? To wound myself upon the sharp edges of the night.” This releases helplessness feeling that the narrator cannot function

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