An Active Role in Shaping History Essay

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An Active Role in Shaping History

From the beginning of their colonization and enslavement, the histories of the Africans and the African-descended were shaped ultimately by outsiders. The colonization of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America were all controlled and executed by the Europeans. The slave trade and plantations were also under the power of whites. Even the emancipation of slaves, though the African-descended definitely contributed, was mostly shaped by and a result of decisions in which they had no involvement. They were unable to play an active role in their Diaspora; they were forced to be passive participants. However, following World War II, that began to change with the African and African-descended utilizing major political and cultural developments to shape their own histories as well as others. Political developments and endeavors throughout the second half of the twentieth century by the African and African-descended were mainly for the purpose of instigating change. Gomez discussed the political upheaval that occurred in Europe and Africa through the fight for independence by the mainly British and French colonies. Although some of the transitions were peaceful, many led to violence and war like with Algeria. Aimé Césaire elucidated many reasons and horrendous effects of colonialism on the Africans in his Discourse on Colonialism, but he pointed out that the overarching reason that the Africans wanted and needed change was because of the…