An Active Role in Shaping History Essay

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An Active Role in Shaping History

From the beginning of their colonization and enslavement, the histories of the Africans and the African-descended were shaped ultimately by outsiders. The colonization of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America were all controlled and executed by the Europeans. The slave trade and plantations were also under the power of whites. Even the emancipation of slaves, though the African-descended definitely contributed, was mostly shaped by and a result of decisions in which they had no involvement. They were unable to play an active role in their Diaspora; they were forced to be passive participants. However, following World War II, that began to change with the African and African-descended utilizing major …show more content…

In actuality, the African-descended had the least education, occupied the lowest economic levels, and were without political power, which is a clear indication racism and discrimination were definitely in existence there. In response to these issues, political organizations like the Venezuelan Acción Democrática took power in 1945 and promoted the African heritage (in addition to European and Native American heritages as well). Since then, the African-descended have experienced more employment, improved education, and leadership. Gomez also noted how blackness was not entirely recognized in the Caribbean with the example of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Race was an arbitrary and politicized concept because being black was really associated with being Haitian and impoverished. Although the majority of Dominicans were of mixed race, they did not acknowledge their blackness because they did not want to be mislabeled as Haitian. The other major political development in the Caribbean was migration to mainly New York, Toronto, Paris, and London. Gomez cited almost 300,000 African-descended leaving the Caribbean by the 1960s to find change so that they could have better conditions for themselves and their families. Finally, in the United States political developments took place all over the country in many forms in the

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