An Age Of Dramatic Social And Political Changes

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Many events occurred during all the eras, but they all differ from each other in many ways. The 1920’s was an age of dramatic social and political changes. For the first time more Americans lived in cities instead of farms. Which eventually led to enormous cultural changes for women; as well as religious divisions. For example, this era is known as the sexual revolution, because of the historical change that occurred to the women. After earning their right to vote with the nineteenth amendment in 1920. This created a new image for women in society. Flappers became well known in the twenties, because of their outspoken and independent personalities, they were viewed as unlady like. They had short hair, drank, smoked, wore miniskirts and became more sexually free. Margaret Sanger was a popular voice during this change because he was the leading advocate for birth control. There was also religious division that took place, due to the Monkey Scopes Trial, which caused a huge conflict between modernists and fundamentalists. Fundamentalists believed in the bible while on the other hand modernists believed in Darwin’s theory of evolution. The 1930’s was extremely different from the 20’s because they had to experience the struggle that was brought by the Great Depression. It occurred when the stock markets had crashed and the banks fell. People were desperate to escape this tragic issue, and hoped that someone would come save them from this tragedy. That savior is known as Franklin
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