An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Black Cat '

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Brittany White
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1 April 2015
A Day in the Life Edgar Allan Poe is a very talked about writer. He has a dark, mysterious, gothic writing style. Poe was a troubled man that struggled in a lot of different areas in his life. It is believed that all of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories were connected to his tragic life events. “The Black Cat” is one of Edgar’s well-known short stories. It is about a man that endured a series of tragic events. This man was very feminine and his lack of masculinity soon got the best of him. One day the man began to hurt all of his animals and even his wife, but not the black cat. He thought by acting this way it would prove his manliness. The man’s liking to alcohol consumed him and he then murdered his favorite cat, he felt somewhat remorse the next day. After a brutal house fire, a new cat came out of the shadows and became the new house pet. The cat was symbolic to the first in a variety of ways. This cat, however, favored the wife and this annoyed the man to the point of murdering the cat, but his wife intervened. The man’s anger got the best of him and he killed his wife with an axe to the head and walled her up. Little did he know he also walled up the cat, which led to his downfall in the end. Edgar Allan Poe 's life influenced the writing of "The Black Cat" and gave it meaning because of three tragedies in his life: Alcoholism, public and private relationships, and death and loss. These things played a huge factor in…

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