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Kate Chopin was a famous American author of many short stories and novels. Chopin is now considered to have been a predecessor of the feminist movement and a leader of the feminist authors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Kate Chopin lived a rather traditional life as a housewife until her husband’s untimely death, which significantly changed the course of her life. Chopin 's career as a writer actually began when she started facing financial struggles due to the death of her husband. Chopin’s mother persuaded her to move back to St. Louis, but unfortunately she passed away soon after, which left Chopin alone and helpless once again. Chopin was actually told by a family friend and obstetrician that writing might help her fight her state of depression as it was a good source of therapeutic healing, while at the same time it gave her a way to focus her energy on something else and provide her with a source of income. Chopin was a very talented and creative writer when it came to her short stories. Chopin’s stories were not only refreshing during a time when women were still being oppressed by the pressure of societal norms, but they were also eye-openers and challenged the gender roles of her generation. Many argue that what we know as modern feminism was brought into existence through Kate Chopin’s writings, and if you look no further than her short story “The Story of an Hour” there is plenty of evidence to support this claim. In “The Story of an Hour”, the main
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