An Analysis Of Mankind's There Will Come Soft Rains

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Mankind has an evolutionary desire to continue its survival at any cost. Using any means necessary, man has hunted great beasts, tamed wilds, and erected great cities where few other animals dare to survive. Through the ages people have developed ingenious ways to stave off famine, disease, and death itself. However, the nature to survive and conquer has corrupted these accomplishments. Mining and logging destroy nature in an effort to sustain the trillions of people on the planet. Wars break out over what is left of precious natural gasses and petroleum. Weapons of mass destruction threaten the lives of everyone and everything on Earth. Mankind was given a hefty responsibility, and mankind has made every mistake possible to uphold it. These realities are often the basis for science fiction stories. Ray Bradbury, a prominent science fiction author, wrote many stories highlighting the foibles of man’s journey into the future. He …show more content…

It takes place in the not-too-distant future after a nuclear blast leaves the surrounding city with a “radioactive glow which could be seen for miles” (323). Mankind has finally destroyed itself. What follows is a description of the daily chores an automated house performs for the humans that used to inhabit it. It makes breakfast, vacuums, and attempts to care for children, all without noticing that there is no one left to care for. With no one else to focus on, the house becomes a surrogate protagonist. Its daily tasks remind the reader of the minutiae that shape the human experience. This is where I believe the author’s main idea begins to show. Because the house was built to cater to humans, the remaining shreds of humanity are seen through the eyes of the program that keeps the whole thing running. To it, humanity is eating toast, reading poems, and playing cards. The harsher reality shows that humanity is something much, much

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