An Analysis Of Nickel And Dimed By Barbara Ehrenreich

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Nickel and Dimed Analysis

1. What is the topic?

Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich is the autobiography of when Barbara went undercover to find out more about the life of a medium wage worker. She first goes to work in Key West, Florida at the restaurant “Hearthside”. She had worked there for a couple of weeks realizing how incredibly strenuous it was being a waitress especially when under a boss named Phillip that is constantly bickering and ranting on how poor of a job she is doing by having a conversation with the customers and giving too much bread. In Florida Barbara attempts to work two jobs at once at another restaurant named “Jerrys” however after about two days she decides to quit at “Heartside” and work full time at …show more content…

The main claim of the book Nickel and Dimed would be that living life on medium wage was and still is an incredibly laborious action to be able to complete. Barbara shows how even with two jobs she would have trouble paying for a place to live, food to eat, and other essentials. It was such a miserable process that at one point when Barbara Ehrenreich spilled dirty water all over her shoes there was absolutely no way for her to change shoes. Those pairs of grimy and soaked shoes were the only pair of shoes she had and did not have enough to buy a new pair which meant she needed to “fight through it” (85).

3. Is the evidence to support the claim reliable? The evidence that is given to the reader in the book would have to be reliable considering the author has a wide range of background on the subject of low income workers. Another point would be that Ehrenreich does not give much of statistics except for when she tells the reader about how many people are working in medium wage jobs. This all seems to be reliable information because of how Ehrenreich is an educated woman with dozens of friends who are also experts in the field of how much someone is getting paid can affect their lifestyle. Ehrenreich uses the statistics in the first chapter of the book when she begins her journey talking about her plan and how she will be able to show how working as low income worker is an extremely strenuous task to complete.

4. What do these details tell you about the

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