An Analysis Of 'Those Winter Sundays' By Robert Hayden

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In the poem “Those Winter Sundays” written by Robert Hayden, he shares the story of a boy who reveals the experience of his father. He explains his struggle, pain, and difficulty of communicating with his son. The son never had an unfathomable relationship with his father and hopes that one day he can rebuild that relationship. High school year there have also been times in my life where I felt that same way. His father struggles each day getting to his destination from work to home. The son further explains the effects of the father’s struggle at home, and how these effects at home can have a positive and negative reaction to the family unit. This essay will clarify what the Father does, how he accomplishes his task and what changes he can make to improve his situation at home. Robert Hayden writes (Sundays too my father got up early and put his clothes on in the blueblack cold), I have experience seeing my father making sacrifice for our family. For example my father has two jobs to help me my sister, mother and himself to get to college. He doesn’t really have any time off that often. The time he does have he spends it helping around the house. My father have made many sacrifice, I remember when I was four-teen of age my father had a day off from work and I was cleaning my room being lazy I ask my sisters for help but they decline I wasn’t really sad because it was my mess but, when my dad came and ask me what I was doing I reply nothing just clean he said

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