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An article published by Arthur C. Brooks, a writer for The Washington Post, stated that “We are not a perfect opportunity society in the United States. But if we want to approach that ideal, we must define fairness as meritocracy, embrace a system that rewards merit, and work tirelessly for true equal opportunity” (4). Brook’s statement expresses the views of our society today, as it is widely accepted that a society with meritocracy is favorable over a society with social determinism in America. However, there is often altercation when discussing whether or not meritocracy is present in our modern day society. The Civil Rights movement, feminist movements, and immigration movements have all brought our society towards meritocracy.…show more content…
Even worse, certain groups of the population have even a harder time moving up in economic class. For people born in the bottom fifth of the wealth distribution who have unmarried parents, their chances of “moving up to the top distribution are even slimmer [5%]” ("Is America" 2:20-2:27). Statistically, there is also a racial inequality when it comes to social mobility. African Americans who are born in the bottom quintile of the wealth distribution “have a 50% chance of being stuck at the bottom and a 4% chance of making it all the way up to the top.” ("Is America" 1:40-2:48). Because of underlying racism and environmental factors, African Americans are not as socially mobile as the white majority in America.
In an article which proves the barriers limiting success for immigrants, Zenen Jaimes Perez explains that undocumented immigrants’ “path to higher education remains difficult at best, and that few of them actually complete a post-secondary education.” Although these immigrants are often times talented enough to complete a post-secondary education program, there are multiple barriers that immigrants deal with that limit their success. In the case that an immigrant is undocumented, many state colleges decline to give them the in state tuition discount. As the majority private colleges are not cheaper than state schools, undocumented immigrants are commonly unable to pay
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