An Effective Communication With Prospective Clients

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An effective communication with prospective clients is an interpersonal skill. Therapist can improve client and therapist relationship by the therapeutic use of self-such as personality, unique characteristics, perception, and insight. The effective communication always requires effective listening skills, be able to understand other people emotion, and be empathize to client situation. Effective communication occurs in two different ways such as professionally with your peer, clients, and socially with your friends, and family members. According to Tamparo and Lindh the successfully achieving multicultural therapeutic communication requires consideration of the cultural background of the client. According to Tamparo and Lindh, each…show more content…
She does not have any disability or condition. However, one day I faced transcultural communication issue. The issue was related to my Jamaican friend birthday dinner plan. My Israelis friend came up with the suggestion of Mediterranean dinner suggestion, but my Jamaican friend and I were fed up with that food so we denied. Eventually, I came with the plan that we can go the Indian restaurant for dinner. My Jamaican friend likes that idea because she tried spicy Indian food before and she likes it, but my Israelis friend denied because she never tried Indian food before. In addition, my Israelis friend has stereotyping belief that Indian food is always spicy. I suggested her that if she can order mild spicy food at Indian restaurant people will make it for her. Also, I told her that now a day’s lot of non-Indian like an Indian food because people believe that it is healthier than their own traditional food. However, my Israelis friend was in dilemma that if she not going to like Indian food at restaurant than it is going to be waste of money for her. Finally, I came up with the idea that if I can cook Indian food for everyone at home and she can try. Since, it was my Jamaican friend birthday and she like to eat Indian spicy food; my Israelis friend honor our request and she was agreed to try some homemade Indian food. In addition, both of my friend decided to come early at my house so they can help me dinner preparation. The
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