An Elephant Crackup By Charles Siebert Essay

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Individuals who face traumatic experiences are to the adverse effects of their memories due to the unpredictable nature of their trauma. Trauma manifests itself in the individual without having adverse effects on those surrounding the victim. Yet, there exists unity between the community and the individual in finding a solution to the traumatic experiences. In “An Elephant Crackup”, Charles Siebert discusses impact that elephants afflicted by traumatic experiences have on a herd while Martha Stout shows how people attempt to keep their traumatic experiences contained and the negative effects of such method. A community that wishes to protect their tradition tends to have an adverse effect on the individual because they value the group over the individual. The opposite also holds true because a community that incorporates the troubled individual provides security under which the individual can recover from their trauma. A community that provides this emotional shelter while also allowing the victim to discover their own path in overcoming traumatic experiences. A community has a negative influence on troubled individuals because they would remove the individual to preserve the unity of the group. Victims of trauma cope with aggression, by acting out against the norms of their society, or by treating their trauma with indifference. The herd will inadvertently exert negative pressures on the individual so that they can maintain the safety of their entire group. In elephant
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