An Ethical Framework And Ethical Principles

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Paramedics, like all healthcare professionals, once they have made contact with the patient have a clear duty of care outlined in law to provide treatment to patients who require it (Clarke, Harris and Cowland 2012). However, the above case study outlines a patient who is refusing treatment after consuming large amounts of alcohol and an overdose of medication. Therefore, it is the aim of this assignment to assert how an attending paramedic can ensure the best possible outcome and treatment for the patient whilst adhering to the applicable legal and ethical frameworks imposed. In order to achieve this the assignment will commence by critically analysing how an ethical framework and ethical principles can and should be applied to both the above scenario and more generally in paramedic practice. From this understanding of the underlying principles the assignment will next examine both the legal and ethical standpoints surrounding capacity and consent and analyse how these should be applied to the scenario. This will then enable an inclusion of the relevant legislation and an analysis of how patient 's mental health needs should be considered whilst under the influence of alcohol. The assignment will conclude with an examination of the overarching legal obligation to provide a duty of care and the implications of breaching this duty by bringing in examples of Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) hearings. In order to assert how an ethical framework can and should be
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