An Ethnographic Project On Using Technology

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David Shabazi
Immersion in Smartphones
In this day and age, members of the social world are gradually adapting to using technology more frequently in their daily routine, as well as throughout their lives. On the streets, one tends to see pedestrians interacting with their smartphones, whether it be listening to music or communicating with others. This is not limited to the general public, however. University students can be found with a variety of electronic devices used not only for communication and music, but also for their coursework and keeping up with social media. This includes: Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and even popular news channels such as CNN. How does the experience of being immersed in an electronic device, such as a smartphone, reflect and shape a person 's social world, mostly dealing with communication and responsibility? This paper will describe an ethnographic project in which I explored this question using an ethnographic approach, drawing on techniques from anthropology such as being involved through participant observation, as well as proposing structured, semistructured, or unstructured interviews that can vary from being informal to formal. In this paper I will first describe the methods and procedures that I used, then explain and discuss my findings, then close by returning to the question I have posed above. For the purposes of my research, I am defining 1.) communication as: participating on social media sites
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