An Event Can Have A Strange And Great Impact On You

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Sometimes an event can have a strange and great impact on you, even when it doesn’t affect anyone else. For me, it was on my Mom’s 29th birthday. My grandparents, Dad, brother and Uncle Brandon were all there. My grandma brought a cake and it was spectacular. To five year old me it looked awesome. It was generously frosted with smooth white frosting that was also piped around the edges, but especially alluring was the huge red frosting flower in the center of the cake. It was calling my name. “Can I have the flower?” I asked my mom, fully expecting her to say yes- not because I was a spoiled brat but because she always let me have the huge globs of icing that chain supermarkets love to slap on their cakes, she wasn’t really a fan of sweets anyway. She always says that she would rather have seconds than dessert. But instead she said, “No. It’s my birthday.” She was just joking, she probably would have given it to me. But at the time I didn’t see that. I mean come on, I was five- that icing flower was one of the most important things in my life at the moment. All I could see was my dream with that lovely sucrose flower killed. My ticket to happiness stolen. My heart split in two. (Okay, I wasn’t THAT upset, but I did want it.)
We took the cake down to the coffee table and started singing “Happy Birthday”. In the middle of the song, Brandon leaned down and jokingly whispered to me. “Eat the flower.” I always looked up to Brandon, he’s only 9 years older than me and he was a
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