An Evil and Erie Find in The Pearl by John Steinbeck Essay

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For this book report, I have chosen to read the book, “The Pearl”. The book “The Pearl” has a very strong moral and plot. The book is classified under the genres “Fiction”, and “novella”. The book “The Pearl” has a total of 90 pages. John Steinbeck is the author of this book. The main character in this story is “Kino”. Kino is a poor gentlemen in a relationship with “Juana”. Kino and Juana live on a beach in a bush house. There are many other poor families living in bush houses on the beach as well as Kino and Juana. Kino and Juana also have a son named “Coyotito”. Coyotito is a baby about 2 years old. In Kino’s life, he is hearing music in his head. He hears the music of family, evil, and peace. Everything that goes on in his …show more content…

The doctor told the servant to lie to Kino and say he was busy with an elder. When the servant came outside and announced that the doctor was busy, everyone was disappointed and everyone started to go and do their own things again. Kino was very upset and Kino also knew that the doctor just didn’t want to see them. But when Kino and Juana came back, the neighbors were around their bush hut to see what has happened to Coyotito since. Luckily, when Coyotito was stung, Juana sucked out most of the poison. But, Coyotito was still very swollen on the shoulder and they still didn’t know if he was going to be alright. After a while, Coyotito had mostly healed and Kino needed some more money so he and Juana and decided to go on his special canoe and go hunt for pearls. His boat was special because it was well taken care of and had lots of coating on the boat. When they went out to sea, Kino dived into the ocean and started to look for good oysters that hadn’t been opened yet. He had collected about a bucket when he spotted a massive oyster that wasn’t with the others. He was very anxious to get to the canoe and open the oyster to see if there was a pearl. When Kino was able to get back on the canoe, he showed Juana the massive oyster and her eyes popped at the size of it. They start to open the pearl and they see this massive pearl in the inside of it. Kino knew this was the pearl of the world that everyone was

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