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An Experience in My Life December 31, 2004, while everyone else was celebrating New Year’s, my family and I were moving from one city to another. It was hard for me to move another city because I was leaving behind the town where I was born and all my friends. This was one of the biggest impacts that I have experience in my life. Moving from one town to another was like moving to another world where I did not know anyone. But the hardest part of moving for me was moving to another school where I did not know anyone and I did not know what to expect. Moving from a place I grew up and lived my whole life was really difficult to adapt to the new place. The sun shined on my face and I opened my eyes. It was my first time waking up in …show more content…

The first class ended and I had to go to the next classes I didn’t know where they were so I asked my way around all day. During lunch time I didn’t know where to go so I sat by myself thinking what my friends in my old school where doing. Finally at 2:30 School ended and the first day in a new school ended. I got home and there was nothing to do, I was used to getting home and play soccer with my neighbors but I didn’t know anyone no more. I wish it was all just a dream and that I would wake up back to my old friends and home. The reality was that it was never going to happen. The days passed and I stared to get to know people in school. I joined the school soccer team and that’s where I made my friends. After I made new friends they started inviting me to places and showing me around the town. Can you show specific examples of how things changed for you? They introduced me to their friends and I felt more comfortable in the new town. I met new people and I stated to feel like at home. As the time past the feeling of not being at home started to fade away. I started to get familiar with all the stores,streets, and restaurants. I started to give the town a chance and the result were positive. The getting familiar with the town was not the only difficulty for me. What took me more time to get used to was the weather. The new town had warmer weather than my hometown. I was used to cold weather and for me the

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