An Individual Of A Different Intersectionality From Myself And Comparatively Review Literature Essay

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The purpose of this review is to interview an individual of a different intersectionality from myself and comparatively review literature that correlates to the individual’s demographic position in the community, their experiences and viewpoints in relation to social work practice. The referenced literature is comprised of several scholarly articles regarding the interviewee’s cultural background and implications for social work practice among this distinct population.
The interview subject is a middle adulthood, Ultra-Orthodox, Hasidic, Jewish, married female.

The tentative conclusions drawn regarding how social work practice can best assist persons from within this cultural group were found to be based on religious authoritative preeminence. Most Orthodox Jews will first turn to a rabbi for advice for either social or emotional issues.

Clinicians that work with this particular group need to be well versed in their strict religious customs and schedule of religious observances. Rabbinical guidance is most assuredly a definitive factor in the successful counseling of Hasidic clients.

Although studies have been conducted to measure the prevalence patterns of disorder in the Jewish community, clinical diagnosis and treatment issues most common to this population are focused on distinguishing religious behavior from pathological behavior and if religious intervention will be beneficial to a client’s treatment (Farkas, 2013).


Hasidic Judaism

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