An Interview At The Company 's Bottling Operations Out Of California

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As most have heard, California has been under severe drought and water is scarcer than ever. While residents of California can be fined up to five hundred dollars just for washing their cars, water is still being misused. In southern California private home owner’s wells have begun to dry up but nearby golf courses still continue to water the grass to keep their course in business. While golf seems like a poor use of water, no one can stop these businesses unless people didn’t golf. However in California and everywhere else in the U.S bottled companies continue to use up water to sell to the public. While wells dry up bottled water companies, such as Nestlé, continue to operate their bottling plants. With such a historic drought going on it seems unfair for these companies to be using the limited resource for profit.
During an interview a hydrologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, asked the owner of Nestle whether he would ever consider moving his company 's bottling operations out of California. Nestles executive said “Absolutely not. In fact, if I could increase it, I would. If I stop bottling water tomorrow, people would buy another brand of bottled water. As the second largest bottler in the state, we’re filling a role many others aren’t filling. It’s driven by consumer demand, it’s driven by an on-the-go society that needs to hydrate.” So why is there so much consumer demand for bottled water? It is because bottled water has become a societal norm that is never…
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