An Interview about the Pagan Religion

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INTERVIEW PAPER: THE PAGAN RELIGION In my interview I was fortunate to talk with a student from Pfeiffer, her name was Taylor. During this interview, I learned many new things about the Pagan Religion, also known as Wiccan. At the start of the conversation I was completely in the dark about the beliefs and acts of a Pagan.. I had never paid any attention, much less try to learn about other religions until starting this class. It definitely challenged me to empathize with the beliefs of others. The Pagan Beliefs are completely different from my religion, Christianity. Christianity places more of an importance on a figure, Jesus Christ. Unorthodoxly, Pagan’s place more emphasis in nature than in any one Godly figure. The Pagan religion has been around for forever and is thought to originate from Europe. Paganisms traditions place an importance or homage for nature. Most Pagan groups can trace their roots to around the 1960s. Paganism is not a traditional religion because it does not have any official ideology, but it does have some familiar traits. Growth in the Pagan religion is thought to be based off of the cycles of the earth and the earth’s ecological status. Pagans believe that nature is only replete if it includes mankind within it. Pagan traditions do not have harmony on how to understand humans or the meaning of life, just for each to find their own purpose. They do however, believe that humanity is part of nature, not greater or inferior to the other things in

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