An Underlying Religious Or Good Vs. Evil Theme Developing Through The Text

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Throughout some of the readings, there is an underlying Religious or Good vs. Evil theme developing through the text. Beginning with the Marble Statue, the characters Fortunato and Donati could be compared to an angel and a demon, respectively. Florio, a puerile nobleman, peregrinating to the city of Lucca meets a stranger taking the same path as him and they commence a cordial conversation. In the commencement of the story, Florio is a shy and bashful adolescent man. Throughout the story he develops into a more candid, outgoing person as he finds himself. His budding comity with Fortunato, the stranger he met peregrinating to Lucca, avails him to blossom from being an introvert to becoming an extrovert. Fortunato’s character has a deeper…show more content…
At the commencement of the story, when Florio meets the puerile girl Bianka, she could represent the right path, the path that Fortunato was endeavoring to lead Florio. But since the night that Florio wandered into the garden and became mesmerized by the marble statue of Venus, he became hooked under Venus’s spell. Unknowingly to him, Florio triggered Venus to pursue him. After the night in the garden, Florio commences to optically discern the statue as a free flowing person. The morning after the garden, Florio endeavored to find his way back to the garden and hears a woman singing and during the party later on, he visually perceives the same woman, which is revealed to look kindred to the statue. The statue of Venus represents temptation and Florio has forgotten all about Bianka during his pursuit for Venus. Towards the terminus of the story, Florio was virtually ravaged by Venus until he hears Fortunato singing a Christian musical composition outside of Venus’s window. He realized that everything appealing is not the right choice to make. Having the choice be persuaded by temptation, selfishness, and concupiscence could turn out to be the most astronomically immense mistake one could make as Florio
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