An evaluation of junior high school English textbooks in Taiwan

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An evaluation of junior high school English textbooks in Taiwan. Link to this page 1. Introduction 1.1. Background In order to keep up with the trend of globalization, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan had to outline some proposals for educational reform, including several proposals for the area of English language instruction. Educational reform in the country started in 1997 and is still an ongoing project at present. According to the Nine-Year Integrated Curriculum Guidelines, the MOE initiated a new curriculum based on the Education Reform Action Plan for elementary and junior high schools in Taiwan in 1997 (MOE, Taiwan 2004). For years, English language instruction in Taiwan had been designed to begin in the …show more content…

Also, the study should provide modification directions for textbook designers for English textbooks in the future; and last, the study would show the distinct characteristics of different sets of current English textbooks for teachers ' reference. Opinions of the teachers and students using different series of textbooks would also be useful for both teachers and the textbook designers in Taiwan. 1.3. Limitations of the study There are two limitations of this study. First, there was not enough time and money for the researchers to examine all the teaching materials besides the textbooks, such as the teachers ' manuals, students ' exercise books, or multimedia supplements. The scope of the study is thus limited to the textbooks only, and does not include the accompanying materials. Therefore, future study can take into account the supplementary materials as well, especially workbooks on the different skills like listening comprehension and writing. The second limitation concerns the participants of the study. The raters, teachers, and students who participated in this study all live in Taipei City or County. The samples of the study are therefore restricted to the northern part of Taiwan. In addition, there might be differences in students ' experience of learning English and students ' proficiency levels between urban and rural areas. Future studies can consult teachers and

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