Anabolic Steroids And Its Effects On Sports Essay

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Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids are a substance that is most commonly used by a small number of athletes take to make their body stronger, get bigger, and recover quicker. They are synthetic substance that is similar to the male hormone testosterone(Steroid Effects). They can be taken in several forms such as shot,pill or gel. The arguments for and against steroids are very common and there are several strong points made for each argument. Steroids are extremely powerful substances that have powerful effects on the body, effects on athletic performance, and effects on sports. Steroids are known for causing people to have emotional issues, which is where the term “roid rage” comes from. Forty-nine percent of steroid user have adverse personality changes(Silverstein 43). It will likely cause users to begin to be emotionally unstable or commonly in a bad mood.Steroids can cause increased aggressiveness, abnormal sexaul behavoir, and possible criminal behavior(Effects of Performance-Enhancing Drugs).Steroid users can also experience delusions and uncontrollable high amounts of energy(Steroid Effects). Friends will start to not hang out with you as much as usual because who wants to be friends with someone who is moody all the time. Is losing friends, becoming emotionally unstable, on top of the physical side-effects, worth it? The main effect steroids have is the physical change on a person’s body. The main reason that people,specifically athletes, take steroids is

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