Analise: A Short Story

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Watching her gaze move to the group of young women, Analise's expression entranced him. The way she briefly closed her eyes and parted her lips indicated to the killer not signs of fear or hesitation, but physical signals of excitement, as blatant as the erection he'd drawn her touch to. What had the Dyke thought about that? Norris made a mental note to ask later, if there was a later for Analise, and shook his head at her renewed display of ego, after she stepped out of the car. "Hopefully, it won't be you that needs to die, Ms Helm." Whether she heard his reply was uncertain, as the woman was apparently in a rush, swiftly calling out to the bouncer, and leading him by the hand into the club. Another excited twenty-something girl out for …show more content…

As he sipped at the beverage, he surveyed the crowd again, and located Analise on the dance floor, which quickly began to fill. Pete contemplated as he watched, gaze moving from woman to woman, if they sensed the same force of personality in her that he did, and which would be her …show more content…

""Isn't that right, honey? Why don't you explain to this cheap whore what you want me to do to her, and how I like it rough. Ask the bitch if she enjoys taking it up the ass." His tone suddenly ice-cold, and the words, taunting, Pete noticed the girl shirk slightly away from his touch. "Um, maybe this isn't such a good idea." Stephanie took a step away, confused eyes darting between Pete and Analise, and the dark, deserted car park that stood between her and the safety of the Club. However, even if she'd realised that she'd gotten herself into a dangerous situation, and intended to try to run, it was too late. The second the words spilled from her mouth, Pete Norris pulled her towards him, and launched a vicious fist into the woman's solar plexus. As the impact doubled her over, dropping Stephanie to her knees, gasping for air, with shock writ on her features, he reached into the trunk. Collecting a length of nylon rope he'd prepared earlier, Pete draped the noose over their victim's neck, then jerked on the other end, tightening the cord around her throat to prevent any screams, and raised an eyebrow at Analise Helm. "You want to drive, or shall I? Somewhere quiet, where Stephanie and I can become better

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