Analysis And Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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After reading Dr. King Letter from Birmingham Jail along with many other related articles and analysis that was done by various authors, I have come out with the following in regard to underlying questions that were to address: From a subjective point of view, Martin Luther King’s essay stresses what he went through by being arrested and sent to jail because they were protesting, including Luther himself and others, the treatment of blacks in Birmingham, Alabama, as a result of a court decision who had prevented King to protest and had ordered a non-protestation from him in Birmingham. The fact that blacks peoples were given certain restrictions in where to seat in certain places in restaurants, that they could not go into certain businesses or that they could not use public restrooms that were for whites color people is undoubtedly very frustrating, weird, and kind of non-sense. This prevention altogether can simply be put in a single word, which is discrimination, segregation. Everything was segregated, from businesses to churches to libraries. Blacks faced constant discrimination and the constant threat of violence. A society with such discrimination reveals simply a kind of society where the morality has been taken from certain people and was replaced by a society where the injustice has become a guideline. In regard to the content of the essay, it is quite obvious to observe that the essay reveals a moral reason for King’s presence in Birmingham which stands to be
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