Analysis: Don T Drink The Juice

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Don’t Drink the Juice
It’s hard to understand alcoholism when your parents can have a glass of wine with dinner without finishing the whole bottle. Or if they can have a beer when they go out with friends and stop themself so they can actually drive home at the end of the night. My mom has struggled with alcoholism her entire life. Once a drop of alcohol touches her tongue, she doesn’t stop until she’s on the floor. She’d quit, and a month later drink again: the theory of an alcoholic. There was nothing I could do, I was eight years old; innocent. I believed her when she said she’d never drink again. I never realized it was a disease, a sickness, an addiction. I wasn’t aware that it was going to take more than her word for the drinking to stop. Alcoholism affects the drinker’s body, but more emotionally, it affects every single person around him or her. I prayed every single night she’d never touch alcohol again. Every time I was at my dad’s I worried that I was going to get a call in the morning …show more content…

It varies from having to taste that bitter liquid on your tongue every single night, to drinking once a month. And when you drink that one time a month you drink until everything goes black. Within these “types” there are the nice ones and the mean ones, the sad ones and the happy ones. There are problems with it all. “There are one in five people that develop the same problem when they live in the same household as the alcoholic” (NFBC). So, a lot of the time it gets passed down in some way to the next generation or whoever is living in the diseased house. Even though there’s only one in five that develop the problem of alcoholism, others still have it in them. They are just smart enough to stay away from alcohol because they know they have the

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