Analysis Of 1984 By George Orwell

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On September 6th, 2017, I saw the play 1984 by George Orwell at The Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville. The play was about how the main character Winston, who’s portrayed by Niail McGinty, goes on a journey to rebel against the party in control of his country, the Inner Party, and he runs into somebody he believes is an ally to him, O’Brien, who is portrayed by V Craig Heidenreich, but he is really a part of the Inner Party. They eventually convince Winston to believe in the Inner Party and their ruler, Big Brother. Even though Heidenreich did a good job, I think McGinity’s acting was better. Heidenreich was very effective at portraying himself to be an ally to McGinty and remaining in character throughout the time Heidenreich beat him, but I found that McGinty’s performance was outstanding and superior to his due to commitment to his character. In act one, Heidenreich was introduced as being one of the higher ups in the Inner Party. He was very good at presenting himself as an ally to McGinity. Heidenreich would present himself as a powerful man in the work setting. This was highlighted by how his chest was always puffing out his chest and walking very precisely with a purpose. Heidenreich was also good at sounding appealing to McGinity. For example, when Heidenreich would ask him to come to his house and would always end his time with McGinity by saying that he hopes to see him again. While he did this, he was sounding very inviting and happy as if he really wanted him to
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