Analysis Of ' A Doll House ' By Henry James

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In Daisy Miller by Henry James the author takes us on an adventure of a self centered American woman who has no desire to conform to society. On the contrary in A Dolls House, Henrik Ibsen shows Nora as woman who is also not bothered by society, but for less selfish reasons. Both women are willing to do what is necessary for Daisy it is what is necessary to fulfill her own needs and for Nora what is necessary to fulfill the needs of the ones she loves. Despite the motives of both women, each author shows the empowerment behind each character. James and Ibsen discuss how the power of women is portrayed through independence, courage and innocence. Independence is something everyone craves but may not always achieve. Your roots may grow this characteristic early in life or a life changing event may cause you to seek it. Daisy Miller travels throughout Europe unchaperoned until she comes across a gentleman, Winterbourne. James sets the tone of Daisy’s adventures after she meets Winterbourne by noting, “A young man was not at liberty to speak to a young unmarried lady except under certain rarely occurring conditions” (pg 5), which shows the outlook of the European Society. Despite the European ways, Daisy engaging with Winterbourne shows her independence from society. On the other hand, Nora plays the domesticated woman however, Nora’s independence is not portrayed as her roots as it is for Daisy. The author does not give Nora her independence until she has discovered her

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