Analysis Of A Farwell To Arms By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway was a great American writer that accomplished many pieces of work including short stories, novels and journals. Hemingway was born in 1899 and raised in Illinois; he first started writing in high school for his schools newspaper cover things such as the local orchestra and working for the school year book. After graduation from high school he started his first job as journalist in Kanas working for the Kansas City Star newspaper. Hemingway soon left Kansas to serve in WWI as an ambulance driver, until he was wounded and returned home. He later received an Italian Silver Medal of Bravery for saving Italian members while he was injured. Hemingway focused his work on the words he used such as honor, courage and bravery; …show more content…

The novel was a seductive love quarrel between characters that where based in Paris during a bull-fighting event. The main character was named Jake who was a WWI Veteran and had fallen in love with Brett, who was an independent woman that he had met while he was wounded during the war. Brett finds that Jakes wounds have made him worthless and undesirable. Even though they both have deep feelings for each other; Brett flaunts her shellfish behaviors of woman hood by throwing in his face her other lovers, one to include his best friend Cohn. The use of imagery and plot context was controversial during the time at which this story was published. Hemingway was changing the way of writing in his own distinctive ways. He used his own personal experiences from WWI as well as his own love and romantic affairs in his writings. During the time he was finishing the novel he had his own love affair with a woman names Pauline that influenced his story. During the early 1900’s it was unheard of for an author to write about such love affairs but Hemingway was true to his work and his real life encounters, and wrote what he felt was necessary. Another prominent piece of Hemingway’s work was his novel “A Farwell to Arms”, which was published in 1929. The novel was a love story between Fredric Henry and Catherine Barkley during WWI. Henry like Hemingway was also an ambulance driver serving in the war when he was

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