Analysis Of ' A & P ' By John Updike

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Michael Ferrer Ms. Harris English 1102 8 November 2015 2015 Unavoidable Conflict Sammy is a local cashier in a grocery store called A&P who resents the local town and disagrees with the local populous. A strong willed teenager who is more than aware of himself tries to get a firm footing in the town. When this backfires Sammy becomes drastic and hastily makes a decision to try to fix all of the issues. To capture this idea in "A&P" by John Updike, it illustrates the struggles of a young teenage male, where his beliefs are against that of the town. [A universal idea] Sammy lives in a town that is not adequate for his form of lifestyle which. The biggest building is the food store that he works at and the local church. Because of the lack of activities in the town Sammy thinks that the townspeople would go to the local beach. With the beach being only five miles away, Sammy thinks that it would be a popular pastime, but that is far from the truth because “there 's people in this town haven 't seen the ocean for twenty years” (322). The idea that the townspeople are content staying at home instead of going to a beach shows Sammy that they are stuck in a daily routine where nothing can be out of place. Breaking out of the norm is too farfetched for even his coworker Stokesie, who has no issues continuing the life that the town expects. At the age of twenty-two “Stokesie 's married, with two babies chalked up on his fuselage already” (321). Sammy is nineteen, and he feels as if
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