Analysis Of A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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“The classic insight into fiction is that you show your story. You don't explain your story to a reader. You make it happen in the reader’s mind” (Mabe 1). Those words were said by the late John Knowles in 1987, when he began to teach creative writing in South Florida. He lived up to his words by making sure that his reader was thoroughly entertained as they examined his best known novel, A Separate Peace, a coming of age story which follows two teenage boys and their friendship during World War II. As the plot begins to firmly establish itself and the conflict continues to develop during the fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters of the book, the reader is drawn further into the piece and their suspense and anticipation are built. They continue to learn about the author's artistic writing style, see how Knowles integrated different literary devices into his work, discovers new traits and qualities of his characters, and develop feelings about the story.
Knowles riddled his novel, A Separate Peace, with various unique literary devices which include allusions, similes and metaphors, hyperboles, anaphoras, idioms, and metonymies. A great number of the expressions he used involved multiple devices within one sentence. Yet, their placement is not overwhelming. Instead, their arrangement make the story more captivating. As Gene lay awake on the New Hampshire beach witnessing the inspiring sunrise, he describes the transformation this way: “The beachhead its deafness and
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